All That You Need to Know About SEO and SEM

Asking 20 different Search Marketers today to give a clear explanation of SEO will give you 20 different answers. To put it simply, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation means the creation of a website (or even an updating of a website), so as to get the site to rank higher in the organic search results, [...]

Important Differences Between SEO and SEM

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Though both may be integral parts of the Search Engine cosmos, there still are huge differences between SEO and SEM in terms of features and the way in which they get implemented. Many have said that SEO India is a part or a division of SEM India. SEO envelopes factors such as meta tags, keywords [...]

What Is SEO and SEM?

You have a brand new website and update it weekly. You rank high in the search engines, but you’re just not getting the website traffic you want. So you get on either Google or Bing and you do research on how to attract more attention to your website. Two patterns surface, the terms SEO ( [...]